Monday, January 23, 2012

An Adventure within an Adventure

Just new to Belgium and the adventures within,
I embark on one of the most precious
adventures and gifts this world has to offer;
new life
born to our family
of course I'm off...

There's a new babe in town.
In a town in Pennsylvania.
And this little one is the newest member of our family.

Introducing this new baby to design and the arts is of "high value" in this bloggers family... so a trip to the One and Only store of it's kind in the whole of the USA, and owned by one of my favorites, Anthropologie, was in order, with Brunch to boot, we went on an outing to Terrain.

Steyer's Cafe at Terrain
Filled to the brim with house and garden ideas.
A plethora of inspiration.
Fabulous merchandise.

Is that smoke coming out of the gnome's home?
Poesies displayed in a cake stand, what a sweet idea.

Bunting made with scraps of wool and ribbon.

1 comment:

  1. I really like the bunting, I have an old wool skirt that I picked up at a thrift store which I wouldn't mind cutting up and making into little flags. It would be perfect for a party or a baby room!